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Presentations at scientific meetings (CSUN work only)

21st Annual Student Research and Creative Works Symposium (CSUNmposium). Northridge, CA. Poster: Using thermal shocks as a model of chronic stress in the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster. Diaz J, Tsoy V A and Loza-Coll MA.

21st Annual Student Research and Creative Works Symposium (CSUNmposium). Northridge, CA. Poster: Development of a Bioinformatic Analysis Program to Visualize Genomic Interactions From Public Datasets. Apodaca C, Halajyan A and Loza-Coll MA.

58th Annual Drosophila Research Conference (2017). San Diego, CA. Poster: A New Bioinformatics Tool to Integrate Data from Genome-wide Screens into Cytoscape Networks. Halajyan A, Apodaca C and Loza Coll MA.

58th Annual Drosophila Research Conference (2017). San Diego, CA. Poster: Exposing Adult Flies to Daily Intoxicating Doses of Ethanol Affects their Midgut Morphology and the Tolerance of their Progeny to the Drug. McPherson M, Bonilla M and Loza Coll MA.

29th CSUPERB Symposium (2017). Santa Clara, CA. Poster: Loss of genetic network robustness during aging. Halajyan A, Mazmanian A and Loza-Coll MA.

29th CSUPERB Symposium (2017). Santa Clara, CA. Poster: Repeated exposure of fruit flies to intoxicating doses of ethanol alters the initial response of their progeny to the drug. McPherson M, Bonilla M and Loza-Coll MA.

20th Annual Student Research and Creative Works Symposium (2016). Northridge, CA. Poster: Integrating public data to hypothesize new genetic interactions. Halajyan A, Mazmanian A and Loza-Coll MA.


Other Publications


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